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Our mission is to connect families and communities by helping you share and preserve your story. Whether you are hoping to leave a legacy of love to your children or a legacy of unity to your community, RootsBridge is the place for you.


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Life History

Your story deserves to be remembered and will connect you to your loved ones for generations. Let me help you record your life story today! Your family will thank you.

Community History

When we share our stories, our communities grow stronger and more unified. Let me help you preserve the history of your church, neighborhood, historic district, and much more.

Business History

Your business' history will inspire for generations. Let me help you record your story, your successes, and your legacy.


See what my clients are saying!

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The end product was fantastic!

"I have found Alyssa to be professional in every sense of the word. She was interested, focused, organized, energetic, and engaging in all of my interactions with her."

Rob Alexander

Hill Aerospace Heritage Foundation

Highly Reccomend!

"Alyssa is an amazing oral historian, and takes care with each history she gathers. She conducted my own personal interview and was patient with my process. She takes the time to understand each interviewee and their needs."

Lorrie Rands

Oral Historian

Wonderful Oral Historian!

"Alyssa never ceases to amaze me with the follow-up questoins she comes up with to delve deeper into the story. She truly has become one of the best oral historians I know."

Sarah Langsdon


Special Collections

Weber State University

Let us preserve your story!

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